High Roller Online Casinos

Term "high roller" is defined as a gambler who wagers large amounts of money. In the casino and gambling industry, high rollers are often referred as "whales", or "VIP players". Although they represent the minority of the gambling scene, whales can significantly impact casinos net income in both directions - positive or negative. Therefore, they are getting a special treatment from the casino management. While land-based casinos offer high rollers wide range of extra benefits, online casinos are mainly focused towards large deposit bonuses and extra comps.

As a high-limit player you should be extra careful when choosing your online gambling spot. Its not only the big deposit bonus that matters. Fast withdrawals, safe & fair gambling environment and high betting limits should be your top priority. We have tested online casinos and rated them according to the main factors every high-rolling player should care about:

1. Withdrawal weekly limits
2. Withdrawal speed
3. Betting limits
4. Bonus offered / High roller promotions

Generally speaking USA players have less options, so we have listed high-rollers casinos into the two main categories. The casinos accepting USA players and non-USA casinos.

Top Rated High Roller Casino Accepting USA Players

  • Withdrawal limits - None! (max 10 points awarded)

    Due to the situation in the USA related to the online gambling, its extremely rare for USA gambling brands to offer no limits on weekly withdrawals. Inetbet is one of them, and hats-off for this. Max point awarded.

  • Withdrawal speed - Same day payouts! (max 10 points awarded)

    Inetbet is proud to process withdrawals under 24 hours period. (Its even under 12 hours in most cases). On the top of that, they process withdrawals at weekends. Note: For wire transfers, withdrawal is dependable on banking work hours. (weekends and bank holidays can cause delays)

  • Betting limits
  • Bonus offered - Generous bonus offers

    Inetbet offers wide-range of promotions, including New Player Sign-up Bonuses, regularly updated Current Offers, Holiday & Return Bonuses plus standard Comp Points Program. New Player Bonus includes generous 50%, 100% and 200% Bonus on your first deposit. Check out InetBet Promo page for more info.

    We have tested Inetbet current High-roller bonus:

    Bonus details:

    40% Bonus on deposit
    Deposit from 200-750$
    Max Bonus: $300
    Wagering Requirements: 25 x Deposit

    Expected Value of the bonus (EV):

    Deposit 50
    Bonus received: 100
    Balance: 150
    Wagering requirements: 150x25 = 3750
    Playing Slot with 96 RTP gives you expected loss of 5000 – (5000 x 0.96) = 4800

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