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IMPORTANT: PB Casino Cashback Program is no longer available. Please visit Poker Boss Home Page for the latest news/updates.

I am proud to present you the unique program available only to Poker-Boss.com visitors - PB Casino Cashback Program. World economic crisis has huge impact on casino players and my goal is to cover your possible losses and give you bigger profit margins. My philosophy is simply "Player comes first" and me as a player can understand it better then any casino. If poker players can receive rakeback every single month, why casino players wouldn't take advantage of cashback? That's where PB Casino Cashback Program comes. Remember, I am not casino representative. I do promote reputable and safe casinos, I make money promoting them as the affiliate and the PB Casino Cashback Program is independent program which will pay you from own funds. Enough talking and check out the details bellow.

Why Should I Join? PB Casino Cashback Program Details:

  • 20% Cashback For Your First Month!

    It's that simple. If you are new to our program, join any of the partners listed and you will get astonishing 20% cashback for your first month!

  • Bigger Profit Margins

    We all know that odds are always on casino side. With PB Casino Cashback Program simple math will tell ya: Let's consider slot game where the payout percentage is around: 95%.

    95%+20% = 115 % Payout Percentage!

  • Independent Program - Additional Comp points, Bonuses and Promotions from Casino

    PB Casino Cashback program is totally independent, which means you will receive standard promotions from casino itself. Comp points, bonuses,promotions and even cashback from casino itself.

  • No Wagering Requirements! No Restrictions!

    Your cashback funds are without wagering requirements or any restrictions. It's totally up to you. You can withdrawn your money or play any of the game.

  • Up to 15% Commission from Your Second Month

    After the first month, commission will be calculated as follows:

    Casino Earnings Your Cashback %
    From $0 to $999 5 %
    From $1000 to $9999 10%
    More then $10000 15%
  • Receive Cashback Every Month! No Matter Of Your Winnings in the Previous Month!

    Every month is calculated separately from first till the last day of the month. Therefore you will receive cashback no matter if you won in the previous month.

    Example: You win $10,000 in April. You April cashback = $0. If you lose $5500 in May, you will receive additional $550 May cashback although your total earnings for April and May are positive!

Ready to Join? Follow Instructions Bellow:

cashback - step1 cashback - step1 cashback - step1

Join any of our Partner Casinos by following links bellow. Please note that you must join through the links bellow in order to receivyour cashback earnings. Please make sure that you choose casino where you are not already a member. Any misuse will result in youcashback account termination.

Use contact page to send us information in order to create cashback account for you. Please include the following:

Your Full Name
Your Email Registered in Casino
Casino Name and Account Number

PB Casino Cashback Program Terms&Conditions:

1. General Terms&Conditions apply for the casino your are using for PB Casino Cashback Program. Please read the Terms&Conditions of the particular casino you are using for PB Casino CashBack Program. If your casino account is terminated due to Terms&Conditions violation, your PB Casino Cashback account will also be terminated and no cashback money will be paid.

2. The minimum cashback payment is $10 and the maximum is $100,000. Payments will be made by 20th of the month for previous months earnings. Your commission is calculated as follows:

First month: 20 % Of total casino earnings (from 1st day till the last day of the month) Other months: See the table bellow:

Casino Earnings Your Cashback %
From $0 to $999 5 %
From $1000 to $9999 10%
More then $10000 15%

The payments will be made by any of the methods bellow:

Casino Account
Moneybookers Account
Epassporte Account

3. PB Casino Cashback Program reserve the rights to exclude the players who put in intentionally false claims about their casino losses in order to collect higher cashback.

4. PB Casino CashBack Program reserve the rights to change Terms&Conditions at anytime. In that case, we MUST send notification to all members of the program.

5. In order to receive cashback credit, player agree to send us information listed above such as Full Name, Country/Town, Casino Acount Number and Email. In the case those information are false, we reserve the rights to terminate players PB Casino Cashback account.The payments will be made by any of the methods bellow:

6. We reserve the right to modify, alter, discontinue or terminate a PB Casino Cashback Program at any time with prior notice to end-users.

7. PB Casino CashBack Program requires the casino to verify all the players claimed losses in order to send cashback to players. If the casino does not verify it, or they don't match with the players claims, players has no rights to receive cashback from PB Casino Cashback Program.

8. In the event of any cashback abuse being identified or suspected by the PB Casino Cashback Program, cashback will not be granted and we reserves the right to prohibit or exclude certain individuals, groups or regions from the cashback offer with immediate effect.

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