Reputable Online Casinos That Accept American Express Card (Amex) in 2019

American Express (Amex ; AmEx) ranked as the no.1 bank card company has the highest percentage of all card purchases in the USA (24%). Therefore, it’s not a big surprise when we find posts and questions on casino portals such as “Where I can deposit using my Amex Card?”, “Which online casino accepts American Express Card in 2019?” or “My card has been declined at the online casino, where I can use it”….etc. We have done a research for our visitors and listed the most reputable, safe and accredited online casinos accepting American Express Card as a deposit method. Casinos listed bellow welcome all the players worldwide including US players and have the highest successful deposit rate.

Top Amex Casinos

Find out the best rated American Express friendly casinos bellow:

US FRIENDLY This Casino accepts players from US.

Vegas Casino Online - Amex Friendly Casino

If you have troubles to deposit into your casino account using American Express Card, give VegasCasino Online a try! They do accept major US credit cards, including Amex and have our highestrecommendation, especially for USA & Canadian players. As a new player, you are eligible for thespecial 150% deposit bonus offer, up to $3000. (*Wagering requirements: 40x ; cashable bonus – afterwagering is completed). Featuring 24/7 customer support, great selection of casino games and reallycool promotions, Vegas Casino is one of the places you should definitely check out!


US FRIENDLY This Casino accepts players from US.

Intertops - Casino, Poker and Sportsbook

Intertops is one of the first online gambling companies established in 1983 and online since 1996. Their slogan is “Trust the first!”, and we do trust them. They have established reputation through all these years for their exceptional service and fast payouts. Once you hit withdrawal button, you will receive your payment in less then 24 hours (sometimes less the 12 hours). I also recommend Intertops to the players who like to jump from casino to poker, or sportsbook. Their “All-in-one System” makes easy to transfer funds from cashier to casino, sportsbook or poker. On the top of that, Intertops accepts American Express Card for deposits in 2019 – Check it out.


If you want to apply for the American Express Card (Amex) please check out these valuable sources:

Before you buy casino chips, what you should know?

Buying casino chips is actually much easier task then finding the solid online casino which accepts Amex card. This procedure is similar as making deposits with other debit or credit cards. (Visa or Mastercard). There are few things you should keep in mind before you make a payment.

Firstly, never ever give sensitive information about your credit card to anyone – (Such as CVV2/CID code or PIN code). Casino stuff should never ask you about that. No exceptions! You could be asked to send your documents by email, including your Amex card scanned. Don’t worry, this is a standard procedure. Feel free to cover CVV2 code (known as CID or 'Unique Card Code' for Amex) when scanning your card. Online transactions with online casinos listed at website are secure and encrypted with SSL digital encryption, the same one as respected financial institutions use. In that way your banking details stay protected and safe.

If it is your first time you are making a deposit to a particular online casino, be sure to check out casino bonus policy. Some online casinos automatically add welcome bonus for your first deposit, while others (including RTG casinos) ask for bonus code before you make a deposit. Don’t be lazy, spend few minutes checking on bonus details, including wagering requirements and other terms.

As I already mentioned, online casino could ask you for specific documents to prove your identity and for your own protection. Normally, scanned ID (or other valid document), latest bill (Phone, Electricity bill…etc.) and scanned credit/debit card (in this case amex card) would do the job. Don’t worry, this is a pretty much standard procedure and common practice at most reputable gambling spots. Lastly, remember the golden rule. Never deposit funds you can not afford. As you already know, gambling is a risky business and bad streaks can and will probably happen.

How to deposit online using Amex card in 2019?

Assuming you have read advices in the paragraph above, check my quick tutorial how to deposit at your favorite online casino, poker or sports betting place. I have chosen Intertops in this example, although this process is very similar at the most gaming spots. (Intertops is one of the most respected gaming companies that accept US players and all the players worldwide. You can play at their online poker room, two online casinos on different platforms and at their sports betting website.)

  • Firstly, go to the cashier section of the Intertops Casino website. You can access it online directly from (left-up section – Click on cashier ) or from your downloaded casino software. (right-bottom)

  • You should be taken to the Intertops Secure Banking area. Click PAY-IN in the first row (C.C. logos are displayed)

    Intertops secure banking
  • If you haven’t logged on before this step, you will get the message to log on to your Intertops account. Enter your username/password.

    Log on to Intertops account
  • Choose Amex from the drop-down menu. Enter your card number, expiry date, card verification number and payment amount.

    Choose amex card.

    Note: Card number, Expiry date and Card verification number are located at the front of your American Express card. For more information related to card verification number - click here

  • Click next and finally confirm payment confirm your payment.

    Final screen should appear confirming that payment was successful. If you have any problems feel free to contact customer support in order to help you with any issues you may have.

Still problems? Some common reasons why your card might be declined.

Read on for the most common cases of American Express Card rejections. Note that reasons explained bellow or also common for other card-types such as Visa or Mastercard.

  • Insufficient Funds. (CODE: 51)

    Your issuing bank has declined the transaction because you have no funds available on your bank account or your limit has been reached. Keep in mind that apart from monthly, some cards also have daily limits. Check with your bank to get more information about your card limits.

  • Invalid Card Number (CODE: 14)

    Mistyped card number will trigger the authorization code: 14. American Express Card has 15 numbers divided into 3 groups. (4digit 6digit 5 digit). Be sure to always double-check the card number.


    Amex card number: 375987654321001
    Expiry date: June 2015
    CID number: 1234
    Example of American Express Card.

  • Expired Card (CODE 54)

    If you card has expired, your transaction/deposit will be declined giving authorization code: 54. Replace/register your new card with your gaming merchant in order to proceed with your transaction.

  • Your card issuer has disallowed online transactions

    While this scenario is not so common, some cards are limited only for offline usage. Call your cardissuer/bank and ask for the details. In same cases, this restrictions can be lifted with one phonecall.

  • Incorrect CID (Unique Card Code for Amex)

    CID is 4-digit number located on the front of your American Express Card and above your card number.Practically it’s the only number printed on the front of your card (not embossed). Always double checkwhen entering your CID number.

  • Billing information doesn’t match

    This scenario occurs when billing information you have entered, doesn’t match the one bank has on file. Check your address/country details to prevent this happening.

  • Processor problems

    Although this occasion is rare, sometimes it happens, especially when payment processor network is extremely busy due the large number of transactions. Simple and only solution is to wait for a while and try your transaction again.

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