How to Play Online Poker Tournaments - Top 6 Tips

How to Play Online Poker Tournaments - Top 6 Tips

With the explosion of online poker, tournaments have grown dramatically in both size and popularity. Today, you don't need to buy a ticket to Vegas to play in million dollar poker tournament. Only PC and internet connection. If you want to be a successful poker tournament player you need to know some rules which are not the same as for cash-games players. Check out our list of the top 6 tips how to become a winning tournament player.

  • Choose a Right Poker Tournament

    Literally thousands of online poker tournaments are being held every day, and it's important to choose the one suitable to your budget and with fair entry fee. Be sure to read all the relevant information about specific tournament. Once the tournament starts you won't be able to refund your chips. Consider entering specific tournaments with "Added Prizepool" as they are the best value for money. For great variety of poker tournaments, check out Poker.

  • Prepare

    If you play well enough, prepare to spend five or even more hours in front of your computer. It's crucial to be focused all the time, especially in later stages when the blinds are high. One mistake can cost you the tournament. Your favorite drink could help you to stay fresh, especially caffeine powered beverages. Alcohol is not a great idea in this case.

  • Focus on Your Table

    Don't worry too much about players at other tables and how they distributed the chips amongst them. Don't watch the leader board every second. All these things can deconsecrate you from your primary goal - to do your best to become a chip leader at your table. "Step by step" is the winner's phrase.

  • Chips Not Equal to $$$

    Remember that value of chips is not equal to $$$ like in standard cash games. If you are already an experienced cash game player, don't fall into the trap. Chips in tournaments have different relative value. Your last $1000 is not equal with the $1000 you previously earned.

  • Strategy Play

    Every poker player has his own strategy. I will point out just a few important strategy tips specially designed for multi-tournament games. Use your position to take advantage - play tight from early position and aggressively from late position. Good idea is also to play tight in the early stages of the game, when the blinds are small. When the blinds are high it's time to gamble. Don't let the blinds eat you! Finally, mix up your gambling style. Your gambling style should depend on numerous of game factors. Don't strictly force aggressive or tight play; mix it smartly and in the right moment.

  • Luck

    Your strategy was perfect, your concentration on high level and you were kicked out in the first hour of the tournament?! Sounds familiar? Remember, poker is a game of skill, but also a game of luck. Every poker player has great and bad moments. Forget how your AA's were beaten with 22's. Maybe it's just about time to try your luck in other casino games, such as slot games or video poker. Casino has great selection of casino games and gives up to $200 free for new players.

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