Reading Your Opponents Online

Reading Your Opponents Online

Playing poker online differs greatly from playing face-to-face, especially because of the lack of direct human interaction. Normal tells don't work in the online casino environment, but there are some signs that you can look out for that can indicate your opponent's position.

The speed at which an opponent is playing is very indicative of what type of cards they have. Take note of how much time it takes for a player to check. If they're playing quickly, they have good cards. If they're a little more hesitant, it's very likely that they aren't holding a very good hand.

The way a player chats is another online poker tell. If someone is very talkative, then they're showing weakness. It indicates that they are trying to bluff, which ends up back-firing if another player can see through them. Players who aren't doing well will try to distract others by continuously using the chat function. This also takes their concentration away from the game, so not only are they revealing the status of their hand; they're also preventing themselves from doing any better.

However, some types of casino players are very easy to identify. Maniacs are easy to spot, as they are opponents who play every hand regardless of what they hold. You can tell who they are because they enter every pot, bet, raise and avoid folding until the last possible moment. The direct opposite of a maniac is a limper, who folds almost immediately after betting has started. They will reveal themselves very quickly. You can tell who they are because they are always the first to fold. However, when you notice that a limper continues to play after betting, it is a definite tell that indicates they have a good hand.

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