My Favorite Places to Play

My Favorite Places to Play

Article written by - Josephine aka Mommy Machine

When I play online I look for excitement, uniqueness and of course winning potential. To be quite honest, I don’t play at many casinos, only one really. 3Dice Casino is my favorite casino hands down and there are a few reasons for that. I love that they have unique games you cannot find anywhere else online, and I love the chat feature. I am a people person and I like that I can meet and chat with players all around the world all in real-time.

I also like the fact that this casino is transparent. They provide information on the website that almost all other casinos try to hide like payouts, big wins, RTP and what games are hot or not. They also have the best reps in the business and a sturdy and flawless reputation. They have won best USA casino of the year a number of times, but that is just a small reason I choose to keep playing there.

I am in the USA, and that limits my choices, however; I truly feel even if I had more choices 3Dice would still be my favorite place to play. I am a slot lover, and their slots are truly amazing. Payola is my favorite, but there is something for every taste here.

I also play bingo online. I like to play at a number or bingo sites so it would be hard to pick a single favorite, but one of my top three would definitely be New Bingo Billy’s. They always have games going on no matter when I sign on, even free bingo games; and who can resist free? I like their promotions too, they always give me a boost to my bankroll and I find their ongoing promotions to be quite generous. Also, I like the people there. As I said earlier I am a people person and I like the social aspect of playing bingo online.

I have recently started to learn how to play online poker as well. There is so much to learn out there and I am ready and willing to take it all in. I haven’t found my perfect poker room as of yet, but I am testing the waters. The bigger names in poker no longer accept players from USA, so the pickings are slim it seems sometimes. I do find that sites like Carbon and Intertops offer great promotions and that is where I have started to play as of recently. I am on the constant lookout for poker rooms and I try to play where the competition will not swallow me whole. There are a lot of guides and strategies online, and believe me; I use those all to my advantage.

I love everything about online gaming, the games, the excitement and especially blogging and writing about my experiences. If you haven’t tried these sites I have mentioned yet; I suggest you do so, especially 3Dice. There is something for everyone online when it comes to gambling, you just have to find what suits your personal and specific needs the most.

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